Donna's Amazing Library of Books is Full of Surprises


In our worlds of the increasing complexity of sameness, Donna's books are refreshing, have simple stories of fantasy based on real life. All of Donna;s books are a little bet different than others available. She tries to share the best and most inspirational pieces of life. 

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Spirit of the Crystal - BOOK 1. Edition 1.


Fully illustrated, featuring ZONTORIA's NORTHLAND,  for the inner child of all ages. Every reader will find something of themselves in the characters and the real life situations and stories. Step through a porthole into a world where magical creatures talk and there is a surprise around every corner. It is an incredible world very similar to our own portrayed in a different light, a very mind opening light.

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Spirit of the Crystal - BOOK 1. Edition 2.


Condensed illustrations from BOOK 1. After making a youthful wish, a teen girl finds herself in a strange exciting land. It is a place where the most fantastic magical things can and do happen. This young woman learns many things about herself and how her life choices effect her future as well as everything and everyone who are part of her journey. A very inspirational adventure.

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Spirit of the Crystal - BOOK 1. Edition 3.


This text version of BOOK 1. was created for those who like to read without all the eye candy of illustrations. The story introduces characters from the magical  NORTHLAND of ZONTORIA. This is the first of four manuscripts, forming the continuing series of worlds. Each of these simple and singular lands hosts an array of special characters whose lives intertwine in continued stories.


ZONTORIA Star Riders - BOOK 2. Edition 1.


Star Riders is the second in a series of adventures in ZONTORIA's EASTLAND.  Chesley, a young man dealing with the questions and frustration of being adopted, had uncertainties and felt disconnected from people, and yet, he found comfort and solace in nature. He was confused and uncertain about his future until he was forced from his home by one who knew his story. Taken to a strange and frightening place, he began to learn where he came from and why. Finding courage to overcome his fears, be became a leader and discovered his super powers to help save mankind.

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ZONTORIA Star Riders - BOOK 2. Edition 2.


Edition 2. of ZONTORIA's Star Riders with condensed illustrations will be completed as soon a Donna finds an extra week or two in here schedule. Until then please enjoys some of her other books.

ZONTORIA Star Riders - BOOK 2. Edition 3.


 This text version of BOOK 2. was created for those who like to read without  illustrations. The story introduces characters from the technology advanced EASTLAND of ZONTORIA. Life often puts us in situations without giving any explanation. Growing up, even with a loving parent, is hard enough without continually wondering if we have any family history or what our connections are. Beginning to learn about one's past can be enlightening but scary, and can change our entire life.  Discover the secrets with our characters in this second manuscript.

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Inspirational expressions Collection



  Mother’s Inspirational Expressions explores the magical spirit of women on their journey with Motherhood. Featuring a Mother’s Circle of Life, this little book touches the very core of growing up with its challenges and conquests. It takes the reader through the many portals women explore on their incredible adventure of life. Mothers  is an inspiring, uplifting, feel good book that will bring a smile and warm the heart.

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Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country  can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. This book has been created to support and honor Veterans of all branches of the United States Military.

Completed Soon

Many More Possibilities


Father, Daddy, Papa,





Mother Earth

A Continuing Collection

ZONTORIA sub-stories For Families & children

Amazing Library


The path between the Real World and Zontoria represents the long walk we all take as we go from starting a journey in life to reaching a goal or destination. This little adventure shares some secrets about the magical world of Zontoria that you won't find in any of  the other books or stories.


Walter & The Princess


Each world/book in the Zontoria Collection spawns a logical progression and continual series of short stories - Sun-Story books, dealing with the endless every-day issues on the lives explored in the Zontoria Books Manuscripts. Each tells a bit more about the personal lives of characters.

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Hot Time In Fairytown


Coming Soon

Gus Learns A Lesson


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Are You Listening?


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No Place Like Home


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BOOKS for Families & children

HOW TO! What If?


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HOW TO & What If? - USA


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Two HOW TO! Books Together


You can get both How To Books in one in this double book. It is fun to learn  English and Spanish in this fully illustrated double book.

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Elephant, Please Go Back to the Zoo


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Seed of Possibilities - TREE of LIFE


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Piggie Surprise


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

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early readers featuring Zontoria characters



Jeannie & main characters of Spirit of the Crystal

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Coming Soon.



About Sasha and friends.

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Bubba Tells Time


Coming Soon

More to come


There are twelve titles in development for this collection and will be finished as time allows. Donna is very proficient in the creation and production of a book and is a hard worker.

Unlimited Possibilities


Donna always has 2 or 3 book projects in the works at all times. With four main manuscripts full of characters in the ZONTORIA Collection, there are unlimited possibilities waiting.