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In the World of Zontoria, a natural series of integrated stories immerse the reader, of any age, in what it feels like to gain self-understanding and empowerment. The simple stories help the reader, youth and any age, to experience the affect of asking important life questions -instead of being caught in the normal tailspin of wrong emotions and actions.
In her writings, the Author did not just escape from her real world but rather found ways to explore her own self-coping with life. Along the way, she discovered that those who share this world with her might take with them little pieces of information and useful understandings: about how they react to the struggles they face, helping them to navigate the bumps in their own life's path. That is a world of the Author's Zontoria, "A Coping Hand For Life."
Here is a link to an Introductory Overview of the extensive Books, Sub-Short Stories, Early Readers and Ancillary Properties that make up the continually increasing World of Zontoria.
Kindly Note: this introduction to Zontoria is offered by the Author, Donna J. Setterlund, on an Explore for Discovery of Interest basis and is intended to inform and inspire serious, forward thinking individuals who have the insight to recognize the power and excitement that is the World of Zontoria.




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