"I find the works of Zontoria, uniquely human, amazingly relevant to life’s maze and certainly potentially helpful to any child or adult who struggles with life’s questions, and with their inescapable journey of trying to figure the answers out to anything. I believe Zontoria is unique and groundbreaking in its potential and lasting effect on individuals’ lives. In many ways, and because it grew honestly out of the struggling needs of the Author to craft a way to deal with her own life’s struggles -instead of simply to escape from their pressures, Zontoria should rightfully end up as that all too rare set of literary treasures that gets passed down through generations."
William D. Kuenning
Founder – Military Family Voices®
"I read the story Spirit of the Crystal late one night. There is indeed a magical quality to the story. I was enthralled and just kept reading. The story is beautiful, the characters are wonderful, and the educational quality is amazing. I felt fortunate to share moments with the characters. The story goes deeper that one can imagine - there is a healing and soothing quality which is not so readily obvious on the surface. There is something so special about the book which cannot be put into words. I felt honored to be reading the book and to have met the author. This would make a tremendous movie for both young people as well as adults. We need movies like this. There are so many violent movies out there now. I am a marriage and family therapist and know that movies have a great impact on young minds. We need to show the good and the beauty in our world. We need stories and movies which develop character in our youth as they are our future. Movies have such a great impact on our society. The story and characters in Spirit of the Crystal are rare and beautiful."
Linnea Marenco
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)
"The world needs these in all languages.. book, movies, videos, a little at a time on facebook postings.. idk.. ALL of it. You were blessed to walk this path with all of the experiences you had.. to get to this point of being a part of healing... of hope. Without your experiences.. you would never had done this. I personally thank all those involved in forcing the experiences on your path.. to make you the person that you are, give you the gifts that you have.. and the ability to do what you do! God definitely had a plan with YOU!”
Cori Cheney Madrigal
Safe Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary





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