Where Life Is The Dream

Describing Zontoria is like describing Life. It is a mysterious subject with as many answers as there
are individuals on this earth. Everyone has a different perception or description based on his or her
own understanding. Life is evolution, ever changing, growing, evolving, learning and
molding ourselves into something better, or indifference.


Zontoria is a continuing series of worlds, books, and stories, each progressing logically from one to the next as life grows and changes. Each of these simple and singular worlds hosts an array of special characters, who interact with life and challenges in their unique ways, inspiring in turn the next worlds, books, and stories – not as sequels but rather as the next logical steps. Zontoria is a journey of anyone exploring the adventures of life.

In our worlds of the increasing complexity of sameness, Zontoria is that refreshing, simple world of fantasy that never disappoints those with an insatiable appetite for learning to explore their life without wanting to dwell on the added frustrations of just trying to figure out how to find their path, destiny, and dream. In short, Zontoria in its stories, is different for everyone but positive for everyone. This is a world, which is deceptively simple and clean, but truly singular and remarkable in its self-explorations and discovery experiences.
Zontoria exists to fill a need in youth (of all ages). That universal need is to offer a true, enduring alternative to the fantasy trends of today –merely seeking to escape one’s problems, and to move toward, and thrive in, the light of the opposite, to absorb into a simple fantasy that actually explores self problems and solutions without broadcasting those as the mission.

In Zontoria, one loses themselves in a kind, simplistic alternative universe, where magic is not deception but rather is presented in its most constructive and addictive form -where the inexplicable and transforming have deep affects on us all -when something seemingly impossible of our inner self struggle is teased to the surface, illustrated and usefully explored. All this interaction reinforces the hope of a better self and a way of thinking to work toward that better self. There is something for everyone to explore and feel and to positively adapt to their own lives, all along thinking they are reading a simple little story in an amazing alternative universe. That is the world of Zontoria.



Producers get frustrated when the consumer can not see their vision. The brain is sometimes blind - it "sees" only with understanding, its own comprehension. The conscious mind works in unison with the body. Images are taken in with the eyes. Sounds are captured with the ears. The gathered information is processed through the conscious mind, into the subconscious mind. For the mind to be most effective, it needs to be fully "programmed" almost like a computer. People, especially children, learn best through their emotions. The memory retains emotionally charged experiences much more vividly than intellectual experiences.

I believe the children of today have the ability and intellectual capabilitity, for enjoying the same quality material as their parents and grandparents. To explain furthur, every brain will absorb what it is capable of understanding in a different manner and at a different level. If the content is quality and is packaged and intergrated properly, it will be enjoyed by many age groups.
Donna J. Setterlund



Copyright 2016 - Donna J. Setterlund