Zontoria Productions is a family owned and operated company. They produce, publish, and market their own books and products from a little ranch in the foothills of the Sacramento Valley in Northern California. When Papa Cliff and Grama Donna bought the ranch in 2013 they only had the basics to start with . . . . a cozy home, big shop, little red shed, old garage, broken down gazebo, fences, trees and debree falling down all over the place. But ... they had a lot of energy, big ideas and a large family to help. Over their many years of marriage, they had always worked with animals and kids, enjoying family BBQs and gatherings, were envolved with youth groups, community organizations, participated in celebrations, festivals, parades, and fundraiser events. It was only fitting that they carried on what they had always done.
Cliff and Donna had always collected old memorabilia and had a dream of building an Old West Town to fill with historic exhibits, learning stations, entertainment, and event areas. The ranch is a place to experience the wonderful world of country life, learn a little about ranch chores, and respect for mother nature. Children can share the friendship of a horse, or small farm animal like miniature horses, mini pot-bellied pigs, and even mini cows. When you spend an afternoon at the ranch you can explore, enjoy animal friends or play a ranch game. Feast on a hardy meal in the company of good friends, then sit by a bon fire roasting marshmellows, and singing old time songs. sParticipate in cowboy poetry or simply relax and breath the fresh country air.
Donna's books help support the ranch, as it is a non-profit facility. Cliff says it didn't start that way, it's just how it turned out.
The dream is still in the making with a few more buildings and projects to be completed.
There are several ways you can help.
..... 1. Join the Ranch Family, and have the opportunity to visit, or spend the night in a treehouse or cabin.
..... 2. Sponsor an animal or volunteer to help with ranch chores.
..... 3. Donate recycled building material, ranch related memorabilia, or antiques. Volunteer on a construction project.
..... 4. Sponsor a cabin, treehouse or exhibit. Sponsors get to participate in special activities and get their names promoted.
..... 5. And, most important....... Buy a book. Every little book sold helps in a big way.



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